Lions & Tigers & Bears….

…Oh My!
Have you taken a day trip to the Moonridge Animal Park while visiting us? If not, you should, it is quite the experience. Moonridge is a smaller zoo, with approximately 160 animals, representing around 80 species.┬áThese animals have been given a “Home for Life”, after being rescued from an assortment of situations.
The Moonridge Animal Park came to life in 1959 after devastating fires ripped though the mountains, injuring many animals, and destroying their homes. Unfortunately, for some of those animals, returning to the wild was not an option, and Moonridge was bonzaideveloped. Since then, they have continued to grow. “Primarily a zoological facility, Moonridge Animal Park also is a fully licensed, designated care and rehabilitation facility for injured or confiscated animals. Annually, at least 200 injured wild birds and animals are treated here. Over the years, thousands of injured, orphaned, or behaviorally handicapped wildlife have come to Moonridge Animal Park. The majority of animals rehabilitated at the Park have been successfully released to the wild.”
You can even adopt a pet for $25. That money helps feed the animals and give them a “Home for Life”. You leave with your very own photo of the animal, and a fact sheet about it.
So take some time out of your day, and head on down, for a truly unique experience. The memories that are made after seeing these animals as up close as you do, is something to remember for a lifetime.
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